Friday, October 15, 2010

Poetetics Fun with The Fro Choice Movement

I Be Dat Poet (Inspired by Waterloo's own SaYes2Poetry)

I be dat Poet…
Lyrically, linguistically
Steadily assaulting you phonetically
Coming for your mind - 
Once, twice, three times at least
I be dat Poet
Not like hablo Español
More like capable of flowing
Yes, yes y’all,
I be dat Poet
Inclined to rhyme from time to time
Interlacing thoughts with ink
To stimulate your mind
To redefine
Common conceptions
Forcing synapse connections
Peace, Love, and Blessings all the while
I be dat Poet.
Always leading never following
Constantly demolishing
The status-quo
Ya know?
I be dat Poet.
Fro Choice.
Check me out
I be dat Voice.
Can you feel me?
If not you’ll soon find it’s all in the delivery.
It’s Fluent on the mic
Please, commit it to memory.
I THINK, therefore I BE dat Poet.

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  1. AWESOME POEM!!!! This was really good, I really enjoyed reading it :) Keep up this excellent work!!

    That GOOD GOOD Blog