Monday, December 20, 2010

Poetetics Fun with The Fro Choice Movement: Humble Beginnings/Throw Backs!

*This was written long ago, during the zenith of my teen angst. There's nothing quite like unrequited love to get the creative juices flowing! Enjoy! And there's more to come!*

Reactionary Logic

I wish I knew your thoughts and your soul to me you bore,
That our minds and bodies merged within your dreams.
Should mine be the misconception, it shall lead my heart to bleed
Yet still I long to be the Siren of your slumber's sleepy shore.

Your dark eyes haunt my waking thoughts, they set my soul aflutter...
But what good can come of such infatuations? 
Only sorrow. And to Love? It brings a sour connotation. 
This heart sputtered, stopped, then shuddered - you professed Love to another.

"Sweet nothings" from your lips my ears never shall receive,
Though by Chance or Destiny I cannot say.
A week? 
A month?
 A year?
How can I go another day?
Barely sustained by the hopes of my most desperate need.

O, how these irreverent musings come to be.
"All's fair in Love and War" the cliche goes.
Vowing never to again allow my love to cause my woes,
I've locked and chained my heart up tight and thrown away the key.

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